Boxing Symposium

We explore the issues that face boxing and the steps that can be implemented in order to finance careers and successfully grow the sport.

Knuckle Up

We go Live with Mike Orr weekdays at 4pm EST, discussing knockout boxers.

The Female Fist

Scarlett brings a lot of experience and guests to the Talkin’ Fight table each week.

Neil the Deal

Super Fan Neil the Deal discusses his childhood heroes and hosts special guest interviews too!

Olympic Boxing

We go Live with Christian weekdays at 12pm EST, discussing Olympic boxing.
Jul 30: Day 7
Jul 29: Day 5
Jul 27: Day 5

Talkin Fight

A weekly episode of our webcast with special guests and our weekly roundup of panelists.

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Special Episodes

Special episodes outside of our weekly webcast.

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Historical articles and videos about boxing and its many legends.