This site is dedicated to the sport of boxing.

Our hosts on each show discuss not only the many legendary fighters and historic matches over the years, but also the array of newcomers and their upcoming bouts held by promoters around the world, while exploring issues facing boxers who step into the Squared Circle nowadays. 

Our first episode was in fact a publicly distributed Zoom call, which evolved into a series called The Friday Night Panel hosted by two-time heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon. However, we soon began to stream our shows simultaneously across numerous platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Rumble, and popular social media channels, like Twitch, Instagram, Tumblr and TikTok, to name a few. These days our podcasts are heard on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon and several others.

Talkin’ Fight is a broadcasting station, and our channels feature seasons of content hosted by a variety of entertaining and passionate boxing fans, bringing viewers and listeners a lot of news and information each week. Over the years we’ve produced shows in English, Spanish and French. Currently, we schedule each of our shows to air live, as well as archive them in our growing (and searchable) library of content. 

Additionally, we have visited gyms to provide trainers’ unique perspectives, training tips and successful techniques, and recently attended – amateur and professional – boxing events and livestreamed fights and interviewed boxers, either ringside or in the dressing room, in cities that are hotbeds of boxing talent. 

Since launching Talkin’ Fight, our team discovered several specific issues that we could address in the short-term. One of the areas we choose to focus on, through another new company we’ve created, called SportBox Ventures, is in the realm of technology and how the integration of software and hardware can improve not only a boxer’s performance but also the experience of fans. 

We always seek new hosts and look forward to your feedback in the Comments section, and please feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions, and if you subscribe – and we hope you will – click on the appropriate link to receive a notification when we upload a fresh piece of content or deliver a new press release.