Influence Local Boxing

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Are you a seasoned journalist or a boxing enthusiast seeking to amplify your voice and influence a global audience? Talkin’ Fight is your ideal platform. We are a rapidly growing company on a quest for engaging hosts to create daily or weekly shows from any corner of the world and in any language.

At Talkin’ Fight, we treasure the untold stories of triumph and grit that reside within local boxing communities. We aim to bring these narratives to the fore, broadcasting them to boxing fans globally. As a show host, you’ll have the privilege of giving voice to remarkable figures in boxing—established champions and promising upstarts alike—sharing their unique journeys with our worldwide audience.

Your role could involve delivering live coverage from the grandest boxing events, conducting interviews with industry luminaries, or celebrating boxing’s vibrant diversity. Regardless of the format, you will be a vital part of our mission to unify boxing enthusiasts worldwide through engaging content.

Talkin’ Fight cherishes and promotes diverse perspectives. Your location and language are not barriers; instead, they enrich our global tapestry of boxing narratives. We believe everyone’s story deserves to be heard.

So, if you possess the passion, creativity, and tenacity we seek, waste no time! Step into the Talkin’ Fight ring, join our expanding global community, and let your voice echo across continents. At Talkin’ Fight, the world is your audience.