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Ringside Talk is a show that connects current and old boxers worldwide talking Boxing - fights - fantasy fights - past fights - current boxing situations and topics in boxing that people love to talk about. 

Each week, author and expert Lou Eisen with his incredibly extensive career in boxing and insightful knowledge of the sport – in particular historical controversies – delivers a great story for fans around the world.

Hosted by Sheila Stafford, this is a weekly show that always features a special guest, and helps to promote boxing locally, especially women who are taking up the sport, and touches on many topics.

No Punches Pulled With No Mercy
with Brooke Dierdorff-Millbrook
Come talk women’s boxing and boxing, in general, each week with me, Brooke “No Mercy” Dierdorff-Millbrook, a retired Professional WBC Champion, inducted into the International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame in 2022. Whether interviewing pioneers or boxers beginning their careers, we’ll be talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of female boxing. […]

Dive into the world of boxing with Jay Velez on Talkin Fight's "Blood, Sweat & Boxing" – your ultimate destination for top-notch boxing insights, expert match breakdowns, and fearless predictions. Hosted by the charismatic Jay Velez, this show delivers in-depth post-fight reviews, exclusive interviews, and comprehensive boxing analysis like no other.

Originally from Barcelona, and also a musician, as well as a boxing fan, this show is hosted by David Lara aka Huracan D and provides each week an excellent perspective for our Spanish-speaking friends.
Host Mike Orr, who is also found on our Friday Night Panel, enjoys bringing new and upcoming boxers to light on his show, aka Mike Orr at 4, including a lot of women fighting to the top today.
Neil discusses a wide range of issues in boxing, NFL, NHL as well as coaches, trainers and referees in their respective sport, but tends to focus on a lot of great fighters and players from back in the day.
Each Sunday professional boxing coach Cedric Benn and his friends compare their cards and share their varied and entertaining opinions on the most recent bouts.
Sugar Show
with Natalie Brown

The SUGAR Show is a series focused on Women's Boxing. Natalie SUGAR Brown visits all aspects of Women's Championship Boxing involving both up-and-coming and seasoned amateur and professional female boxers, along with studio segments covering headlines and developments across the sport. The program primarily broadcasts on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm eastern time, weekly.

This weekly episode was the first show we launched on Talkin' Fight, and features several fans of boxing discussing the sport - along with two-time heavyweight champion of the world Tim Witherspoon - in a friendly manner and with occasional guests, whether chatting about upcoming fights, or perhaps issues facing organizations, management and fighters.