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The Evolution of Boxing 9: Official Weigh-In

Join us for the highly anticipated weigh-in of THE EVOLUTION OF BOXING 9, as the fighters prepare to showcase their strength and determination in the ring. Experience the intensity and excitement as each competitor steps onto the scale, revealing their weight class and setting the stage for the epic battles to come. Feel the energy and tension build as the fighters engage in intense face-offs, providing a taste of the thrilling bouts in store. Don’t miss this exclusive glimpse into the world of professional boxing at The Evolution of Boxing 9’s official weigh-in – a must-attend event for all boxing enthusiasts!


The weigh-in event kicks off at 13:00 CET (07:00 EST) sharp. The evening boasts an incredible lineup of 7 pro fights:

1: Luciano Byron VS Jan Julius (4×3, 75KG)
2: Koshan Razmi VS Naji Kharita (4×3, 74KG)
3: Mansur Faizi VS Milos Budinic (4×3, 91+KG)
4: Rivo Slory VS Jakub Zalewski (6×3, 89KG)

Following a 20-minute break, the action resumes:

5: Eworitse Ezra Arenyeka VS Mohamed Boulahya (8×3, 76.9KG)
6: David Rajuili VS Djiby Diagne (8×3, 63.8KG)
7: Nick Postma VS Melvin Wassing (8×3, 82KG)

Get ready for the most epic edition yet of The Evolution of Boxing – you won’t want to miss it!

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