Submitting And Claiming Your Boxer Profile

We at Talkin’ Fight are offering boxers around the world the opportunity to claim their page and submit a profile, to begin to engage with boxing fans.

We do this in order to support a boxer:

  • Receive support from family, friends and fans through messaging or donations
  • Sell tickets to events and fights or perhaps your branded merchandise
  • Obtain management advice and straight-forward analysis of fight footage
  • Or to simply chat and create a dedicated fanbase to enable you to grow and succeed in your chosen career.

Claiming your profile, as a boxer, is free and designed to support your long term aspirations.

Send an email to web {at} to get started

For Family, Friends And Fans

If you are looking to donate to and support a young boxer via Talkin’ Fight and notice they haven’t claimed their profile, let them know on social or directly so we can activate their profiles.