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Are you a Boxing Gym Owner?

Here at Talkin’ Fight, we don’t just talk fight, we promote fight!

Talkin’ Fight invites gym owners around the world to create and share their own page, by simply creating a gym profile and then submitting clips and photos of your location, whether skillfully training boxers in your gym or or promoting boxers who fight out of your club.

Local boxers are always on the lookout for clubs to watch and possibly train at.

If you want to grow your brand, get new fighters or even just share your sparring and fights with your members, sign up and get a free Talkin Fight page and profile to upload glam shots and videos:

  • – Get your gym profile out there
  • – Private and public streams and media
  • – Get reviewed by our hosts and possibly asked to an episode where your videos can be shown
  • – Host fights live or even Pay Per View events/strong>
  • – Host online training and subscriptions/strong>

Sign up to get started right now!

Host Profile

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