Understanding Boxing


If you are new to the sport (or even if you aren’t) understanding boxing can be difficult, with its global associations, weight divisions and belts / titles.

According to our friends at DAZN:

There are 17 weight classes in professional boxing, and five major recognised belts for each of the divisions:

  • The WBA (World Boxing Association)
  • WBC (World Boxing Council)
  • IBF (International Boxing Federation)
  • WBO (World Boxing Organization)
  • The Ring.

There are four recognised major bodies in boxing

  • WBA
  • WBC
  • IBF
  • WBO.
  • The Ring title is awarded by American boxing magazine, The Ring, and has been done since 1922.

The mixture of belts and champions means that there is only a rare occasion when a class can be fully unified to produce an undisputed champion.

Why so many weight classes?

According to The Bleacher Report:

Bleacher Report:

In theory, this creates a safer environment for competitive boxing matches and offers a chance for fighters who would otherwise be a tad too small or a tad too large for one of the original divisions to become champions.