Toronto’s Talkin’ Fight releases Jason Baun; severing his association with the company

Due to blatantly offensive racist comments that were made recently, the company has decided to sever its relationship with Jason Baun.In this era of racial awareness and increasing sensitivity toward people today, especially with respect to the Black Lives Matter movement and its positive impact in communities and organizations, effective immediately, Talkin’ Fight has announced the removal of Jason Baun from its executive, adding he will no longer have any further professional association with its group of companies and activities, due to his specific racist remarks that were disclosed recently.

“What was said by Jason and in fact recorded was without a shadow of a doubt racist, discriminatory and absolutely inconsistent with our values that we share and promote, not only privately but also on all our media channels,” stated Graeme Boyce, co-founder of Talkin’ Fight. “We intend to remain a company that is inclusive and welcoming to all individuals, no matter their heritage and background, and thus decided unanimously to terminate our relationship with Mr Baun, given his incredibly insensitive remarks.”

Talkin’ Fight is an online media channel focussed on the sport of boxing that produces a variety of talkshows, then distributed across numerous streaming platforms globally, and which has also recently begun to publish a series of podcasts to augment its growing library of content. Among the shows currently being produced are Knuckle Up with Mike Orr, The Scoop with Bola Ray, The Female Fist with Scarlett Delgado and Neil The Deal with Neil Gauley, which all feature a diverse array of boxers, past and present, from countries around the world.

Boyce’s statements were echoed by Bola Raymond Olubowale, a Canadian heavyweight boxing champion and a partner in the company. “We will not tolerate verbal abuse and slurs of any kind,” said Olubowale. “We certainly have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to deliberately stated and hurtful comments as those that were clearly made recently by Jason Baun. We will continue to grow and succeed without him.”

Talkin’ Fight, based in Toronto, remains in discussions with numerous companies who are producing live events and in need of a streaming broadcast partner.