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Boxers from around the globe can now visit the Talkin' Fight website and begin to upload their own content easily in order to effectively reach a wide audience, whether fans or professionals.Toronto - Graeme Boyce, co-founder of Talkin' Fight, a popular website that profiles boxers and their histories to a global audience, is proud to announce the company has published a new feature that enables boxers to upload content for free. "We believe this will increase the profile of the boxers," explains Boyce, "not only to fans but also to the many people in the industry around the world"

Talkin' Fight began to stream a talkshow last year each Friday night, and the company has now grown to provide news and information on the sport in general and boxers specifically, both amateurs and professionals, to a growing audience through many platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. The shows that are produced include Knuckle Up, Neil The Deal, Hurucan, The Female Fist and The Scoop.

"What we heard quite clearly upon speaking with boxers, whether just beginning their careers or those who are now enjoying retirement," continues Boyce, "is that there was no website that allows boxers to upload video clips or photos that would appeal to members of the public who truly appreciate the visual aspect of the sport, not to mention the training tips that could easily be provided on a regular basis."

Boxers are prompted to visit Talkin' Fight and simply click on the My Profile link in the Navigation bar, whereby they input basic information and then they are enabled to begin augmenting their profile. "Our show hosts can use the video clips in their programs," concludes Boyce, "whether it's a great knockout punch or simply an excellent example of their training working in the ring."

Talkin' Fight intends to increase the number of its shows and eventually broadcast them every day of the week in mutliple languages other than English, such as Spanish, Russian and Japanese. Based in Toronto and expanding, the company remains in discussions with numerous companies who are producing live events and seeking a streaming broadcast partner.

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