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(Toronto) -- One of Talkin' Fight's original hosts, Mike Orr, will be visiting on November 21 the Canadian city of Windsor, in the province of Ontario, to meet with Cedric Benn, to produce and broadcast live their Knockout of The Week show. Well known in the boxing community, Benn is not only a host on Talkin' Fight but also a professional coach, as well as a strength and conditioning trainer.

The pair will meet at A-Bomb Boxing Club in Windsor and livestream their popular weekly show together on-location, and then afterward interview in the gym local boxing legend Adam Trupish. While there, Benn will also demonstrate several popular training techniques on-camera, to be shown on SportBox in various formats, such as infra-red and skeletal view, by using newly acquired sophisticated equipment with high-end sensors.

"This is very exciting for our company, as this represents several firsts for us," says founder Graeme Boyce. "This is the first time we'll get to meet Mr Benn in-person and this will enable our crew to test specific integrated technologies for the first time, which we intend to use upon entering the livestreaming market in 2022, and this is Talkin' Fight's first road trip to visit a boxing gym."

Since launching Talkin' Fight in October 2020, the hosts have profiled and interviewed many boxers from around the world - but all of the work has been done in-house. The company intends to offer a bundled training solution, comprising both hardware and software, to gyms in order to track, monitor and easily analyse boxers and their improvement over time.

Talkin' Fight is steadily growing its valuable catalogue of shows, augmenting The Friday Night Panel (featuring 2-time heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon), Knuckle Up, The Knockout of The Week, Boxing News Today, Words of Wisdom and Ringside Talk. According to Boyce, there are new shows currently in production: Happy To Meet and In The Den with Cedric Benn. In 2022, Talkin' Fight intends to visit and showcase a new boxing gym each week, and the fighters training in them.

Talkin' Fight continues to increase the number of its shows, spanning many topics and personalities, as well as views and impressions on YouTube and other platforms. Based in Toronto and expanding, the company remains in discussions with numerous companies producing live events and seeking a livestreaming broadcast partner.