Talkin’ Fight – Special Episode (3/5): Neil the Deal’s Top 5 Boxers (Mike Tyson)

Thank you. Well, third on my list. This was a bit tough because there’s a lot of guys. There’s a lot of guys, and they literally put their heart and soul into this career. And so it’s really hard to determine who is my top five because I probably have a hundred or something of that sort. So anyway. Number Three, I’m going to put in Iron Mike Tyson.

Absolutely. He’s really. He’s pretty much down to 360 for what he was at, at a younger age, he, he started out really rough as we all know he was basically an enforcer for certain people in the streets of New York, and kind of like a collection guy but, you know, he started very young.

He was lucky enough to be brought off the streets by a guy named Custom Otto, who is his
ultimate protege and brought him into the gym, knowing that he had talent. He just was a little out of control. So they brought him in there, to say the least a little out of control. They brought him in there. And they sat him down and they basically said you know you’re a good kid, you got good morals. You seem to be strong and you’re, you’re pretty smart, you’re not as dumb as they make it out to be. And so this guy, basically took him under his wing cause he lived at his house, treated him like a son.

At one point there, you know, we all know the first 10 fights are about more than 30 seconds combined. You know, this guy knocked everybody out in the first 10 20 seconds, 40 seconds, you know, as we’re already knocked out before they got in the race. They already convinced themselves they were dead, and they basically just had the game so they didn’t get dead, so they needed a paycheck for the job. You got to do what you got to do right. You got to, you got to do it, you got it, but they really did not want to deal with it. They just didn’t want to deal with him. At a young engineer when the first couple of years he did all he did he did a lot of fighting.

And then he got a shot at the title and basically ate the guy for breakfast and spit them out on the canvas, right. So, we know that was Trevor Berbick. He basically unfortunately is a Canadian guy. He was a good, good fighter for our country – Hey Trevor, if you’re out there. thanks buddy, always love you – but you’re fighting Mike Tyson here and it didn’t look very good for you. Really. He, and I’m sure you’ve admitted this, it was just wasn’t your day.

So anyways, after that, Tyson went along to basically eat everybody for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a long time. Nobody had a chance. And he got a little pissed off one time at Holyfield and tried to bite his ear off. I was an interesting one, so now he turns into a cannibal or something he wants to start ating his opponents. And then at the end of the day he decides that nobody can beat me. I don’t have to train, I’m amazing, nobody’s gonna beat me. And then along comes Buster Douglas and we know how that went like you know, you basically at that point. That was the end of you like. He basically was done right there. Finished out the door. Completely. Bye bye.

Sure you had a few fights you’ll admit you know you needed the money man Don King took you for what 800 million, and you spent the other 500 million. So, what do you do, you got to go back and fight a couple times just to get some food on the table I guess I don’t know. But anyways, so he decides to retire. And he’s getting beaten up by like a garbage man or something the guy was like plumber or electrician or. I mean he just brought this guy off the street and Mike Tyson has asked. So that was the day he went, Oh no, because I better go do some nails here because I can’t box anymore.

For his third favourite boxer, Neil the Deal chooses the famous Mike Tyson.

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He’s a worldwide ambassador to, at this point, he goes around the world. And he tries to help. He’s a humanitarian, I gotta like I gotta like these kind of guys. And I’m saying. Yep. He did have, you know, the patch. For sure, and he did his time. Um, but what I like that, what he’s saying these days is he telling young people, basically, stay off the drugs, those opiates are killers.
And I got a messed up he admits it.