Well, obviously, Mohammed Ali, right up there. Number two. Originally, he was called Cassuis Clay. We all know that, if you know anything about Muhammad Ali: a fantastic fighter, and probably pound for pound the best ever. Obviously he was a good talker, pretty damn good talker,
not as good as me though. I'm better than him. I'm definitely a better talker than that guy. He learned from me.

So, Mohammed Ali. They used to call me in school, they would call me Mohammed Gauley
because my last name. So anyways, I taught him everything he knows, and and he is a hell of a guy.
He's actually a very very nice guy. Muhammad Ali was a world representative - for the people; he was always for the people. He did amazing things by, you know, opposing the draft because he just felt like it wasn't just.

He always foug'ht the toughest guys. He never ducked anybody. He had a fantastic record. I believe he lost four or five five fights; I think it was five fights in his entire career. And he fought off the biggest and the baddest of the day, and flourished. And he's an inspiration, I believe, to world humanity, I would say because he's a he's somebody that really if he, you could go
anywhere on the planet and say that guy's name, and everybody goes, Oh yeah, we know
that guy in every language in every country.

So, you know, hopefully, younger ones can start learning about him and his talents and be able to exploit them in a good way. And therefore become better people and better boxers.

I think a lot of the new young heavyweight would have a lot to learn from Muhammad Ali. He became a very well rounded well respected individual on so many levels. These young guys. You know, they don't make them like that anymore. These young guys have a lot to learn. And I'm fine with fighting. He knew what he was talking about. And he said the right things at the right time.

And I don't think I ever heard him complain. But you hear these young guys today complaining, you know, and it's a real shame. So they've got a lot to learn from a guy like that.