Talkin’ Fight hits critical milestone; reaches 4,000 Watched Hours on YouTube channel

According to Talkin’ Fight co-founder Graeme Boyce, the Talkin’ Fight YouTube channel surpassed 4,000 watched hours on September 5th, 2021. “This is a fantastic milestone,” says Boyce, “and we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished, from the amount of content we have produced to the number of people who watch our shows around the world.” The channel began during Covid in October 2020 with a single show called The Friday Night Panel initially using Zoom to reach boxing fans.

There are now 41 shows on that original playlist and hundreds of other shows including the on-going Knuckle Up series (200+ episodes), as well as classics like The Female Fist and Neil The Deal.

“The new series we are producing such as Ringside Talk and Words of Wisdom will do very well,” Boyce adds, “and we continue to seek new contributors, and look forward to the successful launch of our brand new show called Boxen247.”