New Talkin’ Fight Website Features Data-Driven Content; Shows to be Streamed Live and Held In Archive

Talkin’ Fight seeks new hosts

Talkin’ Fight seeks to recruit content contribitors from across North America, and around the world, whose unique programs will now be streamed on the new website for a global audience of boxing fans.According to Graeme Boyce, the new Talkin’ Fight website that has been launched to specifically stream a variety of shows that are broadcast live and held in archive for viewing on demand, the online channel is now being targeted to fans of boxing around the world. “Our goal was to build upon a solid foundation,” explains Boyce. “Upon launch, we are proud to provide to boxing fans a data-driven library of content driven by various personalities.”

Talkin Fight currently has six shows: My Two Minutes With You, Knuckle Up, Neil The Deal, The Scoop, The Female Fist and The Friday Night Panel. Most recently, on January 15, The Female Fist featured an afternoon interview with Olympian Mandy Bujold and The Friday Night Panel enjoyed a visit from US professional fighter Zahir Raheem, to the delight of boxing fans globally.

“It has taken our development team a lot of long days to work out the bugs,” adds Boyce. “But we have a fully functional website that can now be easily expanded to accommodate many new shows and has the capability of streaming live events as well.”

Talkin’ Fight will be adding two new shows in the short-term; one will focus on the history of boxing, and the other will provide training tips for boxers and fans alike. As with the other shows, these new shows will be streamed live and held in the archive to be accessed on demand by viewers.

The streamed shows, when being broadcast live, are also distributed by YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, to name a few platforms. Eventually, Talkin’ Fight, which aims to broadcast shows 24/7, will feature numerous contributors who will produce shows in languages other than English, such as Spanish and Japanese.