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Our first podcast interview will be with Ms. Zandile Malinga of South Africa.

Please click on the link 🔗 below for further information.

The topics of discussion:

* Becoming Chairwoman of Promoters Association.
* Being a woman promoter in a male-dominated culture and boxing industry in South Africa.
* Boxing culture in South Africa.
* Who are the big-name male and female. boxers in South Africa. In each weight class.
* Boxing Tournament June 5, 2022.
* Female boxing in South Africa.
* What are the major boxing belts in South Africa. (i.e., In the U.S. It's the WBA and WBC)?
*Possible Future events with boxers from the U.S and South Africa.
* Goals for the future of women in boxing industry globally as boxers and businesswomen.

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