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Let's keep this nugget in mind when we talk about the civil complaint being leveled against Boxrec, the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) and MTK Global, et al: "Former interim middleweight world titlist Avtandil Khurtsidze was found guilty on Tuesday in New York federal court of racketeering, wire fraud and other charges in connection with a sprawling and violent criminal ring," in a story reported by ESPN in 2018. "He faces up to 40 years in prison."

To make matters worse, within the 100+ page lawsuit, serious allegations are made within the lawsuit, such as "309. BoxRec, acting under color of state law, as a result of the authority supposed given to it by the ABC, acts like a Gestapo and routinely violates Promoters’ and fighter civil rights without any repercussion to it and without any recourse for the Promoters or fighters, including plaintiffs."

The core issue is complex but involves the plaintiffs' complaint of the suppression of competition, as a result of the co-conspirators' monopolies, violating US Boxing Acts, leading to a situation today whereby it is contended that "BoxRec is placed in a position of absolute power to decide whose results it should accept in its database as opposed to being a record keeper that simply includes records that can be verified as accurate...".

With respect, therefore, of paragraphs 1 through 358 in the lawsuit, the plaintiffs contend "a monopoly in boxing is in violation of the Sherman Act."

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