Heavyweight Champ Tim Witherspoon joins broadcast team at Talkin’ Fight

Talkin’ Fight continues to seek new broadcast personalities, whether appearing as special guests or hosting their own shows, to speak about boxers, their fights and the industry.Talkin’ Fight is pleased to announce that Tim Witherspoon has joined the growing cast of characters who comment on boxing each week, and explain the unique nuances of the sport to fans around the world. Witherspoon is based in Philadelphia and is a 2-time heavyweight boxing champion and a former sparring partner of Muhammad Ali.

Last week Witherspoon made his debut on Talkin’ Fight when he enlivened the conversation with the co-hosts and stated he will continue to provide his input on the show as often as possible, given his schedule. He is also joining Talkin’ Fight co-founder Graeme Boyce on his Symposium Series on July 11 to discuss the pension requirements and benefits of retired boxers through the possible formation of a union.

Witherspoon was born on December 27, 1957, and professionally competed from 1979 to 2003. As a two-time world heavyweight champion, he held the WBC title in 1984 and the WBA title in 1986.